Dance Fridays

October 3, 2008


Contempoary Dance Routine

August 31, 2008

“Ave Maria”

Choreographed by Mia Michaels


Today’s video comes from So You Think You Can Dance IV. The dance is called “Pas De Deux” and it was performed by Katee & Will (who I still think SHOULD have won..but that’s another story) Anywho…they did a great job, and their movement was “almost” flawless and very fluid! This dance is one of my favorites to watch

Enjoy Below:

Dance Fridays

August 1, 2008

Every friday, I will take a glimpse into the world of dance and post a video to signify my appreciation for what dancers do. Any suggestions would suffice.

Having that being said, today’s video features a dance group dancing to a mastermix of Janet’s Rock With U and Feedback.

I liked how the dance moves went from slow to quick and there was a good amount of variation from what I saw! 😛 Ol girl in front was most definately hittin’ hard. The whole group brought that street feel to it and it wasn’t forced! Great job guys!