September 11, 2008

so yes, since im in school now, let’s be honest here, i won’t be on here as much as before posting things during the weekdays, check me out on the weekends though ūüôā



Well, what do ya know?? Another season Tyra? I thought last season would be it, since I heard of drama going on between Jay Manuel and Tyra. Hopefully this season will be more interesting than last.¬†As creative director, what kind of¬†themes for¬†shots will Mr. Jay come up with?? Hasn’t he¬†basically done everything??¬†Maybe they changed the prizes around and what not because it really¬†became repetitive over the years…it was very predictable..Tyra, I know you have some¬†tricks up¬†your sleeve, let’s see them!¬†I wonder where Whitney is now??