Janet is soon to premiere her new lingerie line. The line, named Pleasure Principle (Janet’s hit song from 1987) features a variety of bra styles ranging from sizes 32A to 44G, all under $40. Jackson collaborated with Australian designer Bruno Schiavi for the collection


Dance Fridays

August 1, 2008

Every friday, I will take a glimpse into the world of dance and post a video to signify my appreciation for what dancers do. Any suggestions would suffice.

Having that being said, today’s video features a dance group dancing to a mastermix of Janet’s Rock With U and Feedback.

I liked how the dance moves went from slow to quick and there was a good amount of variation from what I saw! 😛 Ol girl in front was most definately hittin’ hard. The whole group brought that street feel to it and it wasn’t forced! Great job guys!